For GQ's Give It Up series, Kerron Clement talks about celebrating his first Pride—and the hurdles, both physical and mental, he cleared to get there.

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Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) President Brian Lewis discussed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on sport in a video message recorded for Olympic Day.

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MINISTER of Sport and Youth Affairs Shamfa Cudjoe is urging athletes to find creative ways to overcome the challenges posed by the covid19 pandemic.

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Christopher Columbus had his comeuppance coming for a long, long time. Five hundred years, to be more specific. Here was an Italian adventurer, brigand and explorer who persuaded Queen Isabella of Spain to invest in an expedition he had been obsessed with—sailing into the unknown West and finding the...

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“White men, I curse you to your face,/ Curse you and all your hated race!/ Great war has placed me in your power;/ I am your captive; this is your hour/ To wreck your bitterest thought of ill;/ To bind or slay me as you will.”

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  • Sporting Equals found that only 3% of board members are black
  • ‘No amount of positive messaging can hide lack of opportunities’
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