With just 50 days remaining until the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games, excitement is building among the TTOC, athletes and fans alike as TeamTTO prepares to make its mark yet again on the global stage.

To mark the 50 Days To Go, The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) hosted its Press Conference which rolled out a partnership with the HideOut Clothing Company who will fit the entire team for the Opening Ceremony of the Games.

Lovie Santana-Duke, Chef De Mission for the TeamTTO delegation for Paris opened the Press Launch by stating “Our athletes continue to train tirelessly, overcoming challenges and pushing themselves to new heights in pursuit of their Olympic dreams. They have shown dedication, perseverance, resilience, and unwavering commitment to represent Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage with honor and pride.”

She added “The parade wear we unveil today is not just a uniform, but a symbol of unity and strength. It represents the spirit of our team, the passion of our athletes, and the support of our nation. As we march into the opening ceremony in Paris, we do so as one, united in our mission to showcase the best of Trinidad and Tobago to the world.”

“Representing Trinidad and Tobago at the Olympic Games is the pinnacle of any athlete's career,” said Diane Henderson, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee. "As we mark 50 days to go until Paris 2024, some of our athletes are either in or close to being in peak form and ready to give their all on the world stage.” “The HideOut Clothing Company through FashionTT, offered to create a clothing brand for the games, Highlighting Trinbago heritage and connecting TeamTTO to Paris. “We are proud to not only unveil the progress of this initiative but also to recognize the continued collaboration of the Embassy of France in Trinidad and Tobago and for TeamTTO’s journey to the Games.”

She also added “None of this would be possible without the support we receive through various Olympic grants and our major partners Puma. Puma has been a crucial sponsor since 2017, enabling us to outfit the team in splendid fashion.”

Over the years, the TTOC held a number of partnerships both locally and internationally consisting of public and private companies, especially with current top partner, German based sporting brand Puma. Team Trinidad and Tobago have worn different types of clothing at both the Winter and Summer Olympics, from blazers/jackets and dresses and at occasions our cultural costumes.

The HideOut Company clothing brand owned by Trinidad and Tobago’s very own, Sebastian Gibert, has been based in France for a number of years. Gibert’s idea came about wanted to give back to his country and its athletes by fitting them on the evening of the Opening Ceremony.

Gibert, Co-owner and head designer of The HideOut Clothing in his video message said “It was an idea that came to me when I realised and I was conscious that the Games was taking place in Paris, and we have our first flagship store in the heart, in Le Marais. I reached out to the Olympic Committee with the aid of FashionTT to make it happen and I am grateful for it.”

He also added “ What represents our country? I was thinking of our animals, of course the steelpan different things that really symbolize us as a people, our energy, our liveliness, the fact that we carry the sun in us; But something that really struck out to me was the coral snake. The idea was even though the coral snake is so small, it has a venomous bite. So I think that kind of symbolized Trinidad and Tobago in the Olympics, a small little country, small population compared to other counties but we still have a venomous bite, we coming for gold, we coming to win… And also the no brainer – that the colours of the coral snake are the colours of the national flag.”

Mr. Patrice Charles, Assistant Director within the Ministry of Sport and Community Development brought greeting on behalf of Minister Shamfa Cudjo-Lewis.

His Excellency, Didier Chabert, French Ambassador stated that “ as immense supports of events in Paris, I know you have a strong tradition to win medals in the Olympic Games, so I express my support for the Trinidad and Tobago team. Paris is expected to have over 2 million visitors because of the Games. We try always to make the Games something important to show to the big challenges of our planet.”

Among the athletes representing Trinidad and Tobago in Paris are track stars, cyclists and swimmer, who have dedicated years of training and sacrifice to earn their place on the Olympic team.

As ambassadors of their country, they are already proud and will also inspire future generations of athletes.